Bespoke Projects

One great asset of the company is the vast experience in 'one off' projects - encompassing concepts that are anything but usual. A small selection is shown on this page.

Inland Revenue Headquarters


This is one of twenty roofs at the Inland Revenue Headquarters, which were redesigned by Sheetfabs to use only one central ram. These roofs raise and lower to suit the building's temperature, controlled by a complex computer system.

Floating Boom Beachdale Baths


When Beachdale baths in Nottingham wanted to split their pool so that it could entertain national short course meets, Sheetfabs designed, manufactured and installed a floating boom which can be moved it up and down the pool to suit their needs.

NatWest Bank - Temporary Training Buildings


Sheetfabs has produced supporting steelwork for many projects which use a membrane or canvas in their design. These include buildings and canopies of both temporary and permanent design. The picture above shows one of seven buildings manufactured for the NatWest Bank. The use of a special membrane in these buildings helped to give the structures their unique shape.

The British Natural History Museum - Dinosaur Gallery

Natural Histroy Museum

A popular new feature at The British Natural History Museum is their Dinosaur Gallery. Sheetfabs were involved with the manufacture and installation of this fabulous 84 metre mainly stainless steel walkway and feature hand railing.

Westminster & Chelsea Hospital - Atrium Roof


London’s most modern hospital, the Westminster & Chelsea, features a central atrium. The roof of the atrium is a series of frames, manufactured from extruded aluminium section. Inserted into these frames is a special clear membrane panel inflated with air. The result gives the impression that while you are inside, you feel that you are out in the open air.