Sheetfabs have had involvement in a number of creative projects.

Space Station


A commissioned piece of art shown in the Haywood Gallery and designed by the world famous Anthony Gormley, designer of the Angel of the North.

Sheetfabs supplied and manufactured all steel elements.

Morning Line


Commissioned by Francesca von Habsburg, artwork designed by Matthew Richie. The structure consists of aluminium complex tetrohedrans.

Sheetfabs plasma cut and assembled, then coated in special paint which included aggregate.

Forest of Trees


Sheetfabs supplied and installed the stainless steel art feature including the reinforced steelwork below ground level.

The Baby


Sheetfabs supplied the steel work to support the baby from a single arm point below ground.



Commissioned by Mark Quinn. Based on the concept that a human standing next to the piece is the size of a bee next to an orchid.

Sheetfabs supplied stainless steel clad structure which supports the canvas.


Blockhead Blockhead

Sheetfabs supplied, manufactured and installed an internal steel structure to support the canvas feature.